The Crucible


Writors Bios

Alyssa Turner Agerton graduated from Lock Haven University in 2013 with a degree in English Literature. She recently moved to South Carolina with her husband and two cats. Her new favorite place is the local public library, and she is currently spending her time rereading “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” for the fourth time.

Keith Meredith is a senior. He studies English with a concentration in literature. He wants to go down as one of the best writers of his generation, and strives to be a better writer every day. He won’t stop until he feels that he is one of the best writers of the 21st century.

John Sosnowski is an English Writing graduate of Lock Haven University. Currently experiencing life in an odd post-graduation limbo, he has resolved that he’d like to be a librarian when he grows up. Despite his chosen academic and professional fields, he believes he just might love music even more than literature.

Akiya Shirk is a senior studying English writing and editing. She loves reading, but when she has free time, her favorite hobby is to ride her pet dragon, Oppa, through the midnight sky in search of star dust mites that she uses for making delicious truffles. She also enjoys letting her imagination entertain her for hours. Oh, and her name is pronounced “ah—k“eye”—yah,” but she never gets mad when someone pronounces it wrong. Cheers!

Alan Ninan studied health science at LHU as a freshman, which inspired his work.

Carly Heider is a junior double-majoring in Secondary English Education and Special Education. She is originally from the Pittsburgh area. She works part-time at Ruby Tuesday and volunteers twice a week at the Salvation Army’s after-school program. Her friends and family would describe her as a quirky, kind, hardworking person. She loves to read and write, and keeps a lot of her poetry to herself because it is all so personal. She is also really into those indie movies that nobody ever hears about (like the kind that win Oscars and you have no idea where they came from because they were never in theaters).

Michael Eubanks is a non-traditional student studying English, with a writing concentration.

Karis Ritzman is an English major with a minor in environmental studies. Writing has been a love of hers since she was a child, and she enjoys creating stories on dark, uncomfortable topics. Jarrett Thompson graduated from LHU with a BS in Interdisciplinary Studies and a minor in English.

Artist Bios

Michelle Albert is a senior from Coal Township, PA, majoring in Graphic and On-Line Design. She enjoys creating both print and web design along with digital photography. Her designs are inspired by past and present art movements and styles, along with racing, fashion, and music.

Bethany Hemma is a senior major in two-dimensional art, specializing in digital photography and printmaking. She enjoys nature photography and capturing the essence of what is untouched and not manipulated by man. She dabbles in portrait photography on the side. Her aspirations include her continuation in photography and traveling overseas.

Joanna Harlow is a BFA student and English major, as well as the contributing art editor for The Crucible. A former film student, she is always looking for ways to manipulate her medium to create an expressive atmosphere and a space for the mind to wander or a story to begin.

Bridget Laudenslager is a senior majoring in graphic design at LHU. She is inspired by family and the world around her.

Emily Appolonia is a junior and a graphic arts major. She enjoys working with Illustrator, pastels, and graphite.

Wesley Charles was born in Brooklyn and raised in Philadelphia. He is of Haitian descent. Art started out as being the cool thing in school when he was younger, since everyone was doing it. As time went on, Wesley began to love creating his own art and pushing himself to become better.

Richard McKnight is a senior from Scranton, PA, majoring in Graphic and Online Design. He enjoys photographing and manipulating incense smoke and constructing designs with his electronic drawing tablet. Outside of class, his artwork explores the temporary states of life and the macabre.